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Learning delivered so it sticks. To your bottom line.

Ringorang® is a mobile, SaaS-based microlearning solution that delivers training continuously until employee behaviors are measurably changed.
Manage By Data
Get real-time insights into what your people actually know about how to support your organization’s success.

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Proven in clinical trials, vetted by the US government, used by Fortune 50s.
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Learning delivered without time lost
Event-based learning is the historical approach to training, and it's time to change. Around the world, businesses collectively spend more than $300B on training annually. And most of that goes to waste because learners don’t retain it, making it expensive and ineffective. But training doesn't need to be expensive, ineffective or time-consuming. With Ringorang® it's easy to:
Turn Events to Journeys
Convert ANY of your learning materials into short mobile bursts, and lay them out along a learning path.
Monitor Results Daily
Watch the daily data updates and address training weaknesses in real time.
Save Money and Headaches
Save 20 – 50% of the costs you historically spend on event-based training that is quickly forgotten.
Return Lost Capacity
Increase your workforce capacity by 2% by delivering microlearning in the flow of work, instead of taking time away to train.
Michael Crain
Sales Trainer to Apple, Amazon and SAP
“Whether it be for internal purposes or for customers we serve around the globe, when it comes time for a reinforcement tool I can’t think of anything better than Ringorang®.”
How It Works
Fun. Easy. Powerful.
We provide you with a fully cloned version of our patented Ringorang® system – including your own branded apps in the app stores – and we support your cloud-hosted software for you. Here are the steps:
Train your organization in using the fun and easy software with the guidance of our world-class success coaches.
Convert all of your training materials into drag-and-drop simple microlearnings using our clinically proven ASK Methodology.
Engage your learners with your own gamified apps for just 3 – 5 minutes a day.  Keep them going with social rewards and light competition.
Monitor the data so you can remediate in real time, until targeted behaviors are measurably established.
Nail your organizational goals.  Re-allocate / save 20 – 50% of your training costs.
Dr. Michael Broom
Leadership trainer to Google, NASA and Provident Health
“Eight months into the program now, and my participants have been using it on a routine and regular basis. They get two Ringorang® messages a day… They all said ‘this is very useful, please do not stop.’”
Everything you need to create measurable change in behavior
Ringorang® is a complete habit and performance building solution that makes it easy for you create and launch learning programs, engage employees, monitor results in real time, and keep knowledge fresh in their minds.
Easy Tools + World-Class Support
Design your program with a straightforward set of steps. We've got you covered all along the way with just-in-time FAQs, video tutorials, and our world-class support staff.
Engagement Drivers
In addition to our patented quiz app format, you can send quick notifications and incentives to learners – to take a flash survey or view a timely piece of content. Segment your learner groups and their content to keep it relevant.
Content Methodology and Services
Chunk your content (articles, videos, surveys, manuals) using the Federally tested ASK Methodology. It's baked into the software, just follow the steps or reach out to us for services from our content conversion factory.
Real-Time Dashboard
Capture the attitudes, skills and knowledge level of your people, and track their actions too! Make real-time changes to their training and reinforcement based on what you see.
Integrated Web Pages
Incorporate ALL of your content with ease: drag and drop images and video into our page builder to extend the learning beyond the 60-second Question sequence. Or drive them to media anywhere it's located!
Success Coaches
Our Success Coaches are ready to support you. They train you to get the best out of the software and your strategies, including how to transform your time limitations and those of your learners. Your Success Coach is laser-focused on your success. You are never alone!
Cary Sholer
Senior Technical Program Manager | Microsoft
“In the digital transformative world we’re in now with millennials and people from all age groups and backgrounds, having a standard classroom training around boring or complicated subjects doesn’t help you retain much learning. But rather interactive games, fun things, and excitement help generate more adrenaline, help you relearn, help you retain more information. Ringorang® does that so well.”
Design from Scratch or Start with a Template
Customize any of our proven templates, with any subject matter, for any industry. Each one is designed to deliver transformative results through a mixture of fun, competition, incentives and behavior science.

Want to see how a program looks when its complete? Try our Cybersecurity Awareness Challenges. This program has eight weeks of critical cybersecurity awareness training that EVERYONE needs, developed by a certified Offensive Security Expert. It will turn your team into a human firewall!
Empowering you every step of the way
Your transition to working with Ringorang® is seamless. We help you quickly build your first program from the ground up, or repurpose your existing training materials into the software.

Along with success coaches, we have tech support standing by to assist you and your learners with any technical issues along the way. Wherever you are, you'll find support and resources to ensure you get the most from your experience with Ringorang®.
Shlomo Yeshurun
Social Media Election Campaign Manager for Member of Parliament, Bermuda
“It really worked, really nice. I highly recommend the Ringorang® app for those that want to engage their audience in a fun and interactive way!”
What our clients have to say
From the Global 1000 to government to major non-profits, there isn’t an industry that can’t use Ringorang® to transform its learning effectiveness at a fraction of historical costs. And make it fun too! People just like you have discovered the Ringorang® difference.

Click below to see their stories:
Alexey Stoletny
Software and Cybersecurity expert
“What I didn’t think about before I was introduced to the ASK method is how to make those questions have the most impact… and then you understand how the learner’s mindset is working—I kinda even picked up terms like ‘learner’s mindset’! I didn’t think in those terms before!”
Tanya Cavalieri
Sr. Instructional Designer
"One of the reasons our organization chose Ringorang® is to engage with our learners once the in-class interaction or online experience has ended, being able to reinforce the content that they spent the effort to learn."
Kathy Battestoni
Business Consultant
"It wasn’t until I started playing with it, participating in the game, getting caught up in the competition of it that I realized its value… This works at all levels across the organization."
Daniel Gillespie
"I got immediate feedback that it was fun and that it socialized the learning, not only at an individual branch but in between branches... It's a catalyst for change. It is a change agent."
Discover how Ringorang® can change behavior in your organization
All it takes is 3-5 minutes per day to radically transform employee behavior. Contact us to learn more.