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All the tools you need to reliably change behavior.

Ringorang® comes equipped with everything you need to design and deliver world-class learning and reinforcement to your workforce.
Save time and money spent on traditional learning
Ringorang® is designed to fit into your employees' day without disrupting their workflow.
Unprecedented studies, groundbreaking results.
For an in-depth discussion of Ringorang® capabilities, download our white paper and discover how three major energy companies used the platform to change the behaviors of the toughest kind of learner: the consumer public.
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Methodology meets technology
Ringorang® is a proven knowledge management system designed to reinforce or even replace traditional training formats. As a positive habit and performance-building solution, it combines microlearning with gamification to:
Improve Comprehension
Deliver knowledge to learners in small, digestible nuggets that are easy for the learner to comprehend, process & internalize.
Create Connection
Deliver knowledge that immediately connects to daily work activity, and that connects with the learner by influencing their personal attitudes.
Reinforce Behavior
Deliver knowledge in a fun, engaging and competitive game setting with instant accolades, rewards & positive reinforcement.
Whether you need to prep for traditional training sessions, find a better solution to deliver the complete training, or do post-training knowledge retention and reskilling projects, Ringorang® has the right tools for the job.
Everything you need to create measurable change in behavior
Ringorang® is a complete habit and performance building solution that makes it easy for you create and launch learning programs, engage employees, monitor results in real time, and keep knowledge fresh in their minds.
Easy Tools + World-Class Support
Design your program with a straightforward set of steps. We've got you covered all along the way with just-in-time FAQs, video tutorials, and our world-class support staff.
Engagement Drivers
In addition to our patented quiz app format, you can send quick notifications and incentives to learners – to take a flash survey or view a timely piece of content. Segment your learner groups and their content to keep it relevant.
Content Methodology and Services
Chunk your content (articles, videos, surveys, manuals) using the Federally tested ASK Methodology. It's baked into the software, just follow the steps or reach out to us for services from our content conversion factory.
Real-Time Dashboard
Capture the attitudes, skills and knowledge level of your people, and track their actions too! Make real-time changes to their training and reinforcement based on what you see.
Integrated Web Pages
Incorporate ALL of your content with ease: drag and drop images and video into our page builder to extend the learning beyond the 60-second Question sequence. Or drive them to media anywhere it's located!
Success Coaches
Our Success Coaches are ready to support you. They train you to get the best out of the software and your strategies, including how to transform your time limitations and those of your learners. Your Success Coach is laser-focused on your success. You are never alone!

Flat learning curve.

Immediately start your next learning initiative or plug into your current one. You'll enjoy clear coaching and intuitive tools for creating and reviewing content. Ringorang® makes it a breeze to get your whole team involved and working in unison.

Signup is a snap!

It’s easy to get your people into the app and responding daily. Invite them to engage all together, or segment them by region, role or curriculum.

Make it yours.

Creating and delivering your own content is drag-and-drop simple. No technical knowledge required.

We back you up.

Get assistance setting up your first program, and rest assured our coaches and support will be there whenever you need them.
Discover how Ringorang® can change behavior in your organization
All it takes is 3-5 minutes per day to radically transform employee behavior. Contact us to learn more.